Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lots of small successes should add up, right?

I'm feeling pretty good about this past weekend. This is the second weekend IN A ROW that I hosted birthday parties. My DD turned six this weekend, so we held a party for her at a hotel that has a fantastic outdoor play complex. Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain for the first time in about three weeks, OF COURSE. Fortunately, I had hired a backup balloonmaker/face painter, and gathered a bunch of arts and crafts, a pinata, and we were OK. Luckily, I think we're done for about 6 months until the next birthday--PHEW!

I could have junked out in a major way with all the goodies at the party. I'd have to say that the watchword this weekend was moderation. I ate one piece of pizza, one bite of cake, one bite of ice cream, moved on. I guess it really helps that this stuff does not really taste that good when you get down to it, at least the stuff they serve at kids' parties.

We also had a going away party for a friend the next day. Again, lots of junk available. I tried to focus more on my kids and the conversation, so definitely limited my intake. There were some good choices there that I took advantage of, like a lovely Asian cabbage salad.

Actually, my kids didn't even like the food there, so we stopped at the McD's on the way home. What a zoo!!! I told them I would not be doing that took 20 minutes to park, then probably a half an hour to order and get the food, which was not accurate and not good either. I ate two bites of a cheeseburger and passed the rest to my son. Yikes! But again, it was an exercise in moderation, and a reinforcement of what a waste fast food is--especially when it isn't even fast or convenient! I guess disgusting greasy food really shouldn't be that easy to get, anyhow.

DH even cooked one night this weekend--some grilled steak finger, steamed dumplings and edamame. Not bad. I think he knew I was pretty wiped out from the weekend.

I weighed in this morning after this weekend of near misses....262. This is down from earlier this week, during the full period time, of 265. I wish it was going down faster, but with all this craziness going on, I'm not unhappy. Have a good week all!

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